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first proper solo album under mt180. very cool

download it here

unmoving (intro)

sounds from putting bits of tracks from the album into a convolution plugin with the ir set to random wacky sounds from my samples folder. originally created so i could have a track to assign the overall album cover to and give every other track its own cover but then i discovered i am too lazy to do that


so this is where it starts. this track is unique. i don't know what genre to call it. it has influences from patricia taxxon all throughout, but the most obvious is the constant beeping obviously taken from her track with my tail to the world. the drop in this track had several versions, some of which are really really boring, and many of which are the same thing but 1 or 2 db louder or quieter. i originally wanted it to just be the loudest thing ever but then i decided i have standards.
the drums in the drop are based largely off the ones in flascoe - end.
this song does exactly one interesting thing compositionally, and that is a key change. between the intro and the drop, the key changes from something major to the next semitone up, but minor so the note that the beeping is playing stays in key and the change is hidden until the drop comes around.
this song was originally intended to be a single released under last cosmillex, but when i later decided i was going to make an album, this seemed like the kind of track that would fit right in. now it's the first track!


another project that spawned out of the void. mostly worked on this on stream (vod), but there were some changes the next day (mostly fixing the mix). i started with a sound made in impulse running through an instance of offsetr from comet's tail. there's also khz tape stop on there for obvious reasons.
inspiration for this song mostly comes from two places. one is an old ass song i made probably approaching 4 years ago now for a rhythm game i was making with my cousin on scratch. we didn't get very far on the project but the original song still exists. the other main inspiration in this project is fox stevenson - can't even tell. don't ask how.
this song has a pretty obvious key change where it goes from minor to major in the last part.

do you like the way i dry my car

this song's title originally had an important meaning to me, but whatever it was has been lost to time. this song samples the chords from the beginning of flascoe - pillow song. i'm not sure how the idea to turn this strange idea into a soft jungle/breakcore/whatever chopped break genre track came about, but the original document for this album clearly states that this title was to be paired with a track which answers the prompt "can soft breakcore exist". i suppose that ended up being this. weird.
this track is the subject of my first ever music production stream (vod)


ever since i started making music, i've wanted to make speedcore track. not for a love of the genre or any kind of personal goal in terms of reaching the skill required to execute that idea, just for the humor of putting that next to all of these other styles i've made. i guess this track is exactly that. this and dyltwidmc were both planned to exist in some form before the first time i opened my daw for this album, and they were supposed to be an inseparable unit. i'm not sure how well i succeeded at that goal, but i think at the very least each track provides a reason for the other to exist.
it might be hard to tell, but i borrowed heavily from hhsu π“ƒš π–ˆπ–†π–’π–‡π–Žπ–šπ–’ - unearthing, which is my favorite speedcore track of all time. there are various other influences from emma essex of halley labs throughout this album, too

mushroom village at The Edge (what.)

originally just titled "what", this is a weird little song i wrote entirely using impulse. every sound in this song starts with an instance of this synth playing midi in the project somewhere. i'm not sure why i called the song what i did, but i think it implies the existence of a place called "The Edge" which is fun and maybe i'll check out what that path has to offer in my future.
the original version of this song had no melody and it was kinda boring but maybe it was better overall for it. who knows. i am too attached to the melody to get rid of it.


i made this track for a trackmania video i never finished working on in which potatolord2925 and i completed as much of the trackmaniaΒ² stadium campaign as possible with the restriction that we had to take the checkpoints in reverse order before finishing. that video is as good as dead now, but we did follow through with the challenge and completed most of the campaign with this restriction.
right, i forgot to talk about the song. it's fairly simple. there is a reason i called it untitled, after all. it's like a much better realized form of my much older song "...and nobody can take that away from me". the piano parts were all written in midi because i can't perform anything on any instrument. my musical talent peaked in 4th grade with mary had a little lamb on the recorder

END key

a dnb track that's in the same style as final days and catastrophe. not a sequel to either. this song mystically formed out of thin air when i started stream one day (vod). i later came back to it and added the final days style drops and finished the song up.
the working title of this track is "this song reminds me of high speed castle movement in sm64" because that's what i titled the first audio export of it for some reason.

i never learned what the club is

this was originally supposed to be a last cosmillex release, but i tweaked it a bit and now it's filler material on the album instead. i think of it as being like this album's version of lape pona (lape lili) from the cone 3. it's not a hugely important track. i don't even really think it's a very good track. i just think it's an ok track and that's exactly the point. it fills space. no more, no less.

snail party /jamtime./

the idea here was originally to make something that grooves an unreasonable amount with no drums. i added drums anyway. i decided i wanted to do something garage-like. i absolutely did not. now look where we are. not much else to say about this track


i made this after listening to a bunch of the battles from the loopstation category of the grand beatbox battle 2023 on the swissbeatbox channel. i normally dislike most house, particularly house in the style of this track, but i think i pulled something that's decent together anyway.
some of the sounds are samplers playing small bits from one of my randomizer sound design sessions. you might be able to hear the loop points if you listen closely enough.
overall pretty boring track


trance or house thing i made trying to create something that sounds like an old paragonx9 track without actually listening to one before-hand. it's been well over a year since i've heard one of his tracks.
many arp sounds made with bleass monolit

INVALID: arrangement

this song started from a bass sound with like 6 effects on it. the initial vst is microdose and most of the distortion and texture comes from meatzone, both of which are available at comet's tail. most of the sounds are a result of excessive clipping. every drum sound is an emulation of an 808 drum sound, but they're all clipped to hell and back.
there's a drum break part where i stole the drum pattern directly from hhsu - milk of amnesia. for some reason i wrote this song in some kind of like harmonic minor or something. i don't know. it's like a minor with a #7 but the regular 7 is also used sometimes and also i hang around on the #7 a bunch so maybe that's not an accurate description of what i did. i don't know. music theory is entirely out of my realm of knowledge

to be yourself

directly inspired by bad narrator - cruelty. i love the first drop so much in that track. i don't think i even got close to the same feel, but it's a cool dnb track regardless.
steel drum sounds made using ample percussion's cloudrum.
some sounds made in vital
i really like this track


a dnb track that's based massively off of greenhouse - minus (hhsu π“ƒš return signal). a large amount of this track was made on stream (vod), but parts of it went through significant changes. the part at the end that's just a copy of the intro was put through my guitar amplifier for some extra grit and noise, along with a bunch of mixing changes that make the song actually listenable. this was my favorite track on the album for a while but i don't think it is anymore.
a music video was originally planned for this track, but i never followed through.


a new style i've never tried. this song is pretty obviously inspired by end2 from jq + deuteronomy - the state of dnb 2020
there's a bunch of neat stuff going on in this project. i got to make various bass and bass type sounds in vital for the first time in a while. the drums in this song were also fun to make. the section with a bunch of different textures was also fun to make. all of the texture sounds are the result of running percussive type sounds through fracture. some of the initial percussion sounds came from throughout the project, but a bunch of them came from a vital patch i made to create a massive collection of effectively random sounds